Cristallo – Profile and Highlight Videos for Build Expo

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At Equinox Media, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of videography in the Maldives is vividly illustrated in our recent collaboration with Cristallo Maldives. In a swift 60-day endeavor, we transformed concepts into captivating visual narratives, showcasing our expertise as the top videography team in the Maldives.

Project highlights:

Company Profile Video for Build Expo 2024:
Our journey with Cristallo Maldives commenced with the creation of a compelling company profile video set to grace the prestigious Build Expo 2024. Capturing the essence of Cristallo’s vision, our 4K mirrorless cameras, gimbals, portable lights, and wireless microphones painted a vivid picture of excellence.

Dazzling Company Highlight and Social Media Trailers:
In addition to the expo showcase, Equinox Media delivered a dazzling company highlight video that seamlessly encapsulated Cristallo’s identity. Complementing this masterpiece were two trailer-style mini shorts, meticulously crafted for social media resonance. Our commitment to excellence was not just met but exceeded, as evidenced by the enthusiastic feedback from Mohamed Karam, Projects Director at Cristallo Maldives.

Client Testimonial:

“Best videography team to produce high-quality videos in the Maldives.” – Mohamed Karam, Projects Director, Cristallo Maldives

Our Approach:

Facing a tight timeframe, the Cristallo team entrusted us with the challenge of producing four distinct videos. Collaborating seamlessly, we not only met the deadline but exceeded expectations. From script readiness to on-location shoots, our journey was a testament to the seamless fusion of creativity and precision.

Equipment used:

Our arsenal included 4K mirrorless cameras, gimbals, portable lights, wireless microphones, and 4D drones for aerial videography and photography. The entire project was meticulously edited using Premiere Pro, accompanied by royalty-free soundtracks and sound effects.

Equinox Media continues to stand as the beacon of videography excellence in the Maldives, and we look forward to creating more visual wonders for businesses seeking to leave an indelible mark in the digital realm.

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