Equinox Media was founded in 2020 by two partners who brought together their distinct skill sets acquired through freelance work. Inspired by the meaning of “Equinox,” which symbolizes the balance between day and night, the co-founders complemented each other’s strengths. One partner excelled in marketing, copywriting, and management, while the other possessed a creative flair.

In its early days, Equinox Media focused on small-scale projects, handling photography, videography, and social media management with a compact team. Recognizing the need for diverse expertise, the co-founders assembled a talented and disciplined group of professionals. This transformed Equinox Media into a multidisciplinary creative agency, offering an array of digital services including photography, videography, animation, marketing consulting, web design, digital marketing, social media management, and more.

Equinox Media stands ready to cater to all your digital and creative needs. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses the entire spectrum of the digital landscape. From capturing captivating visuals to implementing effective marketing strategies, we are equipped to deliver exceptional results. Since our establishment, we have experienced rapid growth, partnering with renowned companies and clients.

Experience the transformative power of Equinox Media. Our dedicated team is committed to realizing your digital ambitions. Join our expanding list of satisfied clients and embark on a journey of success.

Our Guiding Principles: Shaping Success

At Equinox Media, we live by core values that define us as individuals and as a company. These principles drive our decisions and shape our client relationships. Our core values include:

1. Honesty: Open and transparent communication builds trust.
2. Integrity: We uphold ethical standards in everything we do.
3. Trust: Dependability and reliability earn lasting relationships.
4. Passion: We are fueled by genuine enthusiasm for our work.
5. Continuous Learning: Embracing growth keeps us at the forefront.
6. Constant Improvement: We strive for excellence in all areas.
7. Diversity: Unique perspectives foster creativity and innovation.
8. Innovation: We explore new ideas to push boundaries.
9. Quality: Exceptional work ensures client satisfaction.
10. Teamwork: Collaborating brings out the best in us.

Experience Equinox Media’s transformative solutions, driven by our guiding principles.


Our Vision
Our Mission

Our team

Mohamed Shafeeu

Chief Executive Officer

Ali Sameeh

Chief Creative Officer

Shifa Mohamed

Chief Operations Officer

Ibrahim Salif

Operations Manager

Shiba Mohamed

Projects Coordinator

Rimsha Abdulla

Admin & Marketing Coordinator

Maashy Ghanim

Admin & Marketing Coordinator

Ibrahim Maaiz

Junior Multimedia Producer

Ali Mueen

Photographer / Videographer

Imkan Mohamed

Photographer / Videographer

Shafa Mohamed

Marketing Officer

Zulakha Shaiwa

Productions Assistant

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