Branding and Logo Animation for Atolls FC

Branding and logo animation maldives

Embark on a transformative journey as Equinox Media proudly unveils our collaboration with Atolls FC, a four-day endeavor dedicated to elevating their brand identity. Our dedicated creative team worked diligently to deliver a comprehensive brand kit, including a distinctive logo design, cohesive style guide, and an engaging presentation for their logo reveal. Additionally, we added […]

Brand-kit and Logo Animation Created for Dhumashi Takeaway

Logo animation and branding Maldives

Our exceptional creative team has truly outdone themselves with the meticulous creation of the comprehensive brand kit for Dhumashi Takeaway. From the captivating logo animation that exudes dynamism and captures attention, to the thoughtfully crafted style guide that embodies the essence of the brand, every element reflects our team’s expertise in branding. With a keen […]

Animated Promotional Video

Animated promotional video production maldives

HUNARUFOSHI is a freelancers platform for the Maldives. This animation was made to showcase some of the many features of their awesome website as an introduction video.

Judicial New Year 2022

Logo Animation and Video Production Maldives

This animation video was made for the department of judicial administration for the event held to celebrate the Judicial New Year 2020.

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